Holonomics announce the launch of Engagement through Visual Stories

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São Paulo and London—June 17th 2022—Holonomics today announced a new partnership with Paulo Fabre and the launch of Engagement through Visual Stories, an innovative new systemic methodology for HR and communications teams that enables leaders to work simultaneously on the internal and external aspects of their organisations, generating an authentic and long-lasting impact in relation to the engagement of employees and customers.

Holonomics have received international recognition for their revolutionary new approaches to strategy, HR, customer experience design, and digital and cultural transformation. The Holonomics Approach and commitment to human values increases both the quality of engagement with clients and the quality of engagement within organisations, resulting in more meaningful and impactful change.

This new partnership expands the Holonomics Approach through Visual Stories, a methodology created by Paulo Fabre which was inspired by the Holonomics approach to organisational transformation.

It is an immersive design process that results in the development of leadership teams and new leadership practices to better connect them with their teams and customers. Organisations receive both an Employee Experience Playbook to help put all of the insights into practice, together with a unique and personalised image bank that reflects the essence of an organisation, its brand, mission, vision and values.

Speaking about the partnership, Simon Robinson, CEO (Worldwide) of Holonomics said, “One of the most pressing challenges for organisations today are their damagingly high levels of staff turnover, the loss of top talent and people who are no longer fully engaged with their missions and visions. At the same time, customers and clients are demanding ever more levels of transparency and more meaningful communication and connections with brands. The integration of Visual Stories into the Holonomics Approach now provides leaders with an agile and cost-effective methodology to connect and engage with people in our new reality.”

As Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO of Holonomics (Brazil) explained, “The results of our engagement process can be integrated into many different strategic projects, enabling organisations to improve communication for leaders, foster culture and engagement, and build more meaningful face-to-face, hybrid and metaverse experiences for employees.”

Because we take a multidisciplinary approach that combines expertise in strategy, customer and employee experience and brand design in an integrated and customised way, Engagement through Visual Stories delivers the following results for leadership teams:

  • Improved performance through a more highly engaged workforce;
  • The development of culture, values and vision in hybrid and online working environments;
  • Optimisation of the limited time leaders have with their teams by developing their narrative and storytelling skills, both in person and in virtual contexts;
  • More meaningful strategies, thereby making communication more effective and efficient;
  • Connection of the customer experience to the employee experience, improving engagement and loyalty in clients and customers.

Engagement through Visual Stories empowers organisations by connecting people’s lived experience with their purpose and the culture of the organisation, thereby preparing them for future challenges and the new reality of hybrid and virtual work practices.

Speaking about the new partnership, Paulo Fabre explained, “Engagement through Visual Stories provides organisations with a powerful new lens that empowers leaders to engage with teams more deeply and effectively. Through using the Holonomic Circle—one of the central frameworks of the Holonomics Approach—Engagement through Visual Stories is able to capture the most relevant and pertinent stories in an organisation, bringing the essence and the DNA of a brand to the surface.”

Both Holonomics and Paulo Fabre believe that without the appropriate medium, the message of an organisation’s internal and external communications will not be heard. For this reason Engagement through Visual Stories provides leaders with the ability to help make the leap from the ‘great resignation’ to the ‘great attraction’, allowing organisations to fully engage and connect with teams, customers and stakeholders in a world that is ever more visual.

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About Holonomics
Holonomics is a business consultancy that supports organisations in their transformation processes based on the New 4Ps – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet. We elevate enterprises through our consultancy, we scale our knowledge globally through Holonomics Publishing, and we amplify impact through our Deep Tech Network. We are specialists in the areas of strategy, customer experience, employee experience, deep tech discovery, cultural and digital transformation and value proposition elevation.

About Simon Robinson
With three decades of experience in customer experience design, Simon is an internet pioneer and award-winning innovator, having co-founded British Telecom’s Genie Internet, the world’s first mobile internet portal, and contributing to the design and launch of the world’s first smart phones. He is the CEO (Worldwide) of Holonomics, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network, a Technology Magazine columnist, Harvard Business Review author and coauthor of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design and Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter. Simon is respected globally for his contributions to customer experience strategy and Deep Tech, having created numerous design methods and frameworks such as the New 4Ps and the Holonomic Circle.

About Maria Moraes Robinson
Maria is an economist and specialist in strategy and organisational transformation, internationally recognised for her innovation in the fields of digital and cultural transformation, Balanced Scorecard, employee experience, agile strategy, and championing the role of universal human values in Deep Tech. Her contributions to leadership thinking have transformed the way in which business leaders are able to achieve augmented agility through understanding and implementing a systemic form of strategy, through a focus on human values, an expanded form of consciousness and the quality of relationships within organisations and across ecosystems. Maria is CEO (Brasil) of Holonomics, co-founder of the Deep Tech Network, a Harvard Business Review author and coauthor of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter, Customer Experiences with Soul: A New Era in Design, The Strategy Activist and Strategy Management: Experiences and Lessons from Brazilian Companies.

About Paulo Fabre
Paulo is a creative business consultant and internationally recognised photographer. He has always believed in the transformative power of organisations, understanding them as living organisms with those achieving long-term success being the ones that are true to their principles and values. His purpose is to tell real stories that connect the essence of a brand to its audience, doing so through a deep dive into the elements that make up a company’s identity, influences and essence.

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