A visual experience

The expression of soul in organisations

In developing our new website we wanted to achieve two things. The first was to find a way to express the essence of Holonomics in a visually striking manner. We were looking to find a way to articulate the depth of our thinking that we bring to our consultancy work and the core concepts which we have developed such as our Holonomics approach to cultural and digital transformation, our Customer Experiences with Soul framework, our creative way of thinking about and designing deep tech and the New 4Ps.

At the same time we also wanted our site to be more than just a destination explaining who we are and how we work. We wanted our website to be an experience in itself.

For this reason we were delighted to work with Brazilian photographer and visual storyteller Paulo Fabre whose photographs you can view throughout our site. In addition to his photography which has been exhibited internationally, Paulo also works with purposeful brands to help connect them to their audience.

Paulo’s process starts with deep dives into the essence and values of the organisation, before his creative stage of photographing and story-writing starts.

Águas calmas de cima do penhasco. Ainda é verão.
Acalma a mente na entrada do palácio. Alguns pensamentos

Photography with meaning

Our website has not just been designed as a visual experience. Paulo has also artistically curated every one of his photographs as alt text, ensuring that those visitors with visual impairments can also enjoy the depth of thinking and poetic narrative behind the visual narratives on each of our pages.

We believe that this is the first time where alt tags have been used artistically to express both the visual experience in this manner as well as the creative idea behind the website as a unified whole.

Paulo expressed each photo in the form of haiku. Below you can see some examples:

Vastness of the desert

In the vastness of the desert
marks in the void.
I look inside.

Na imensidão do deserto marcas no vazio. Olho para dentro.
Vista de longe a gaivota segue seu voo. Tarde de inverno.


Seen from afar
the seagull follows its flight.
Winter afternoon.

Deserted beach

On the deserted beach
a bird chases the shadow.
Marine fog.

Na praia deserta um pássaro persegue a sombra. Névoa marinha.

To see more of Paulo’s work, please visit his website. He also curates his photography on Instagram.