Ubiliber launch Italian edition of Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter

Nominated by Sustainable Brands as one of their Top 36 Sustainability Books of all time, Holonomics: Business Where People and Planet Matter is published in Italian by Ubiliber Books

13th July 2022, London and São Paulo—By coining the phrase ‘people and planet’, Holonomics helped inspire the thinking that brought the concept of ESG into mainstream business thinking.

The core idea was that technological innovation was not sufficient on its own to bring about meaningful change in sustainable business practice. What was needed in addition was an expansion of consciousness, human values and a deep appreciation of the lived experience of differing populations to bring about long-lasting social and environmental impact in addition to regenerative economic growth.

The book’s impact comes from the way in which it helps transform people’s creativity, innovation and leadership skills through changing our way of seeing organisations. This expanded form of consciousness is a result of insights and practices which come from philosophy, psychology, complexity theory, systems thinking, universal human values and Buddhist conceptions of work, economics, wellbeing and spirituality.

For this reason we are delighted that Holonomics has been published this month in Italian by Ubiliber Books, whose mission is to “publish books that are capable of bringing a paradigm shift in the consciousness of our society”. It was conceived as a publishing company “for those readers who are interested in taking a true spiritual journey”, wanting their books to be “aesthetically beautiful and our activities environmental friendly”.

With a focus on publishing significant texts in the field of Buddhism, Holonomics is the second in their book series dedicated to contemporary issues, the first being Ecodharma by David Loy which explores the ecological implications of Buddhist teachings.

Holonomics was translated by Andrea Libero Carbone and includes the preface from Satish Kumar, Founder of Schumacher College, editor of Resurgence and Economist, and author of Soil, Soul, Society, Spiritual Compass and Earth Pilgrim, who wrote that:

“The days of compartmentalisation are passing. We are at the dawn of a new age where we must look for unity in diversity, the big picture in small parts, macrocosm in microcosm, large vision in little details and holonomics in economics. This book is a manifesto for mindful living. It will help the reader to make a shift from a static state to a dynamic state of business.”

With a beautiful new cover for this edition, the book also contains an additional outside covering envelope with Fritjof Capra’s testimony: “A powerful antidote to the fragmentation and materialistic orientation of today’s dominant culture”. It also includes the full bibliography, fourteen pages of annotated references and a new postface written by Myriam Ines Giangiacomo, a philosopher and leadership and change advisor who has been putting the insights from Holonomics into practice through Bottega Filosofica, a business consultancy of which she founded after having been a senior advisor at PwC.

In her postface, Myriam writes that, “I consider Holonomics to be a particularly precious book, because with academic rigour, one step after the other—without implicit leaps or gaps—it demonstrates the understanding that a different approach is possible, one that can concretely constitute the new paradigm of which we have so great and compelling need. Promoting and contributing to the translation of this book is part of our concrete commitment for its dissemination, especially after having experienced the transformative and regenerative power of its approach firsthand. We are deeply grateful to the authors for providing us with such a complete and ‘living’ vision, and to the publisher for having accepted the idea of ​​translating Holonomics into Italian so enthusiastically”.

Talking about the launch of the Italian edition, coauthor Maria Moraes Robinson, CEO of Holonomics (Brazil) said that “The key premise of Holonomics is that significant transformation cannot be achieved without the practice of universal human values and an expansion of consciousness. Without these two factors present, any form of regenerative transformation will still be operating from an existing mindset, no matter what language or vocabulary is being used. But when leaders do undertake to really understand the Holonomics approach, they quite literally experience a new way of seeing and being in the world, and this is when the desired regenerative transformation takes place resulting in significant business, organisational and ESG impact. For this reason I am particularly happy that we are now able to reach Italian readers through this beautiful translated edition”.

Simon Robinson, coauthor and CEO of Holonomics (Worldwide) added that “Ultimately the book’s aim is to help the reader to be able to see both the intrinsic as well as extrinsic dimensions of complex systems, a new understanding of organisations and business thinking which they can then put into practice in their workplaces. Once a person is able to understand the processes, dynamics and meaning of living systems, they reach a deeper comprehension of the world, one in which economics is no longer seen as separate from ecology. It is a new world of holonomics—business where people and planet matter”.

Further Information

Holonomics. Il pianeta e le persone al centro dell’economia is available directly from Ubiliber, Amazon Italy and all major Italian bookstores, in paperback and for Kindle.

The table of contents and Satish’s preface to the Italian edition of Holonomics can be read here.

Maria Moraes Robinson
Maria Moraes Robinson is co-founder and CEO Brazil of Holonomics. Her passion is to help businesses become stronger, more agile, human and regenerative, doing so through the Holonomics Approach, pioneering the incorporation of universal human values as a fundamental part of her approach.

Maria is a non-executive director in some organisations and a judge for Amcham’s Premio Eco, nominated by Amcham as one of Brazil’s top 47 experts in ESG. She has been recognised as a leading female leader in deep tech and business strategy by Harvard Business Review (Leadership Summit, Brazil, Women in Leadership Summit), Authority Magazine (Inspirational Women in STEM and Tech), We are Tech Women (Inspirational Women in Tech) and Welum (Women who Inspire).

Simon Robinson
Simon Robinson is the co-founder and CEO (Worldwide) of Holonomics, who is known for his pioneering approach to customer experience design, digital transformation and ESG. With three decades of experience in UX design, innovation, and mobile and internet technology, in the 1990s he was the co-founder of Genie Internet, one of the UK’s first unicorn startups, developed inside British Telecom.

Simon is a creative thinker working at the intersection of customer experience design, innovation and deep tech, whose passion is to translate practices from these disciplines into meaningful interventions within organisations, helping leaders and entrepreneurs bring their ideas, propositions and visions into being.


Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

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