Deep Tech Network

Conscious Innovation with Soul

Holonomics is proud to be part of the Deep Tech Network, a new movement born in Brazil with an international reach which is the result of a collaboration between Holonomics1STi and Vai na Web, three organisations which have at their heart a singular mission to unite advanced technological innovations with consciousness and human values. 

Deep Tech Network movement was therefore created with the objective of helping organisations to find deep solutions to complex problems, expanding their perceptions of the evolution of technology through developing a greater awareness of its impact on society and our planet.

Our Manifesto

Deep Tech Network

Deep Thinking, Deep Talent, Deep Collaboration

Our four pillars are Deep Tech, Deep Thinking, Deep Talent and Deep Collaboration. All of these factors are interrelated, impacting on and being impacted by each other pillar. Our deep tech ecosystem is already working with leaders at the vanguard of innovation, design and platform development, using the four pillars as a way to generate extremely interesting questions which are helping organisations to uncover new valuable strategic avenues to explore.

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