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Holonomics is a business consultancy that supports organisations in their transformation processes based on the New 4Ps – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet. We elevate enterprises through our consultancy, we scale our knowledge globally through Holonomics Publishing, and we amplify impact through our Deep Tech Network. We are specialists in the areas of strategy, customer experience, employee experience, deep tech, cultural and digital transformation and the design and delivery of high- impact ESG initiatives.

Why Holonomics

Why do people choose us?

Complete Solutions

Our Amplified Organisation Blueprint integrates our Holonomics approach to systemic strategy mapping, value proposition elevation, deep tech discovery, customer experience design, employee experience, augmented agility, strategic HR initiatives and human values.


Authenticity defines the way we approach our work, and it defines the work we do together without our clients. Our many years of experience have proven that authenticity must be present both in our side, and in our clients’ side, for any methodology to truly achieve the desired results.


Our systemic approach and commitment to human values enables us to increase the quality of our relationships with clients, and the quality of the relationships within the organization, resulting in a level of collaboration characterised by clear communication, integrity, and success.


Our deep knowledge as pioneers in our professional areas is combined with a profound level of academic knowledge across a number of fields including complexity theory, systems thinking, economics, psychology, customer experience and human values.

The New 4Ps

.Platforms .Purpose .People .Planet

We have always believed in the potential of platforms for the positive good of the world. For this reason in 2015 Holonomics developed The New 4Ps framework – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet – to explain how the new entrepreneurial reality was changing.

Our Holonomics approach therefore teaches organisation how to implement the New 4Ps by understanding mindset at the deepest level – the ethics, ways of seeing, creativity and systems thinking, while also contributing to the training and development of deeply talented people.

Deep Tech Network

Deep Tech, Amplified

The Deep Tech Network is Holonomics’ centre of excellence which has the mission of amplifying our impact through i) our research and thought leadership in the conception, design and implementation of deep technologies; and ii) the development of our Deep Tech ecosystem with cutting-edge institutions which share the vision and values of our Deep Tech Manifesto.

This centre of excellence was created with the objective of helping organisations to develop transdisciplinary solutions to complex problems, expanding their perceptions of the evolution of technology through developing a greater awareness of its impact on society and our planet.

In Focus

News, Articles and Events

The launch of the Portuguese edition of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of the Portuguese edition of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, published by Alta Books, Brazil’s leading publisher of business and non-fiction books.  The book reveals a pioneering blueprint of how to transform into a hyperconnected, regenerative, agile, future-fit organisation to lead in the digital economy.
Deep Tech e a organização amplificada

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

Our new book, Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, shows leaders, designers, technologists and changemakers how to transform their enterprises, initiatives and practices through a new suite of systemically-connected methodologies including strategy mapping, the Holonomic Circle, deep tech discovery, value proposition elevation and augmented agility.