The New 4Ps

Platforms. Purpose. People .Planet

Our global problems are systemic and complex, meaning that we need to find solutions found through authentic collaboration and technology ecosystems. Organisations can no longer rely on only the traditional marketing mix of the 4Ps of product, price, place and promotion to be future-fit for the 21st century. To be really able to implement transformational initiatives, organisations need the New 4Ps of Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet.

We have always believed in the potential of platforms for the positive good of the world. For this reason in 2015 Holonomics developed The New 4Ps framework – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet – to explain how the new entrepreneurial reality was changing.

Business as usual is now no longer an option and so organisations which wish to transform themselves are now looking to the New 4Ps as a framework to utilise prior to any design, strategy and marketing initiatives.

Our proven methodology integrates the New 4Ps into the heart of businesses, from the start of the strategic planning process through to execution and operation, helping leaders to develop more agile organisations, improve their employee and customer experience and deliver new value propositions.

I. Platforms

With ever more people becoming connected to the internet at home and work, this decade has unleashed an entirely new form of startup, characterised by their disruptive business models based on new platform architectures. Platforms have now disrupted entire industries, changed consumer and business consumption behaviours and created entirely new ways for enterprises to create value. The result is that seven of the world’s ten most valuable companies utilise platform-based business models which are now worth trillions of dollars in market value.

II. Purpose

The New 4Ps framework takes a radically new approach to customer experience design by helping leaders to fully integrate their purpose with their strategies and their customer experience. This is done in an authentic manner by implementing human values across the whole organisation and developing long-term and more meaningful relationships with their customers, stakeholders and the human and environmental ecosystems in which they operate.

III. People

Combined advances in both technology and the life sciences together mean that we are now entering the fourth industrial revolution, one in which our physical, digital and biological worlds are merging in a manner which represent both the potential to reach our human potential, and yet at the same time could lead to even greater division and inequality. We now need a new worldview where economics and ecology are in harmony and shift to a life-enhancing approach to the way in which we work and live.

IV. Planet

Our current lifestyles and economic systems which provide little resilience in the face of global pandemics and other systemic shocks no longer serve humanity nor our planet. For this reason our deep tech ecosystem is now exploring deep challenges; those global systemic problems in which human, organisational, technological, digital, biological and ecological factors all intractably interwoven.

Transforming visions into reality

In order to be able to transform visions into reality, our deep thinking can help organisations understand how to transform their mindsets from thinking about advanced technology towards understanding the impact and power of systemic deep tech solutions.

Our Holonomics approach therefore teaches organisation how to implement the New 4Ps by understanding mindset at the deepest level – the ethics, ways of seeing, creativity and systems thinking, while also contributing to the training and development of deeply talented people.

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