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See the whole system

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

Deep technology is changing our world.
The challenge is how to adapt.

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation is an indispensable guide for leaders, designers, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors who are seeking to rise to the challenge of creating transformation that matters.


Customer Experiences
With Soul

A New Era in Design

The guidelines provided in this book apply not only to the design of the experience of customers, but also to the development of products and services, organisational design, branding, communication, leadership and strategy. The book will help you take a radically new approach to customer experience design, integrate your purpose, goals and strategy into your customer experience, implement human values across your organisation and develop more meaningful long-term relationships with your customers.


Business Where People
and Planet Matter

A Powerful Antidote to Today's Dominant Culture

Businesses around the world are experiencing rapid changes in the economy and society. This book discusses how business leaders and managers can respond to these changes in innovative ways, developing strong cultures, trusting people and by utilising high quality communication.