The launch of the Portuguese edition of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation

We are extremely happy to announce the launch of the Portuguese edition of Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation, published by Alta Books, Brazil’s leading publisher of business and non-fiction books. 

Deep Tech e a organização amplificada

Having published Holonomics in 2014 and Customer Experiences with Soul in 2017, we are delighted to be able to announce this Portuguese edition, having received so many requests for Portuguese editions of our books. 

The book will be published on the 15th June, and it is already available to order via Alta Books, Amazon and other leading book stores. Alta Books have also made the preface available to preview here.

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Experts reveal why it takes more than just tech to win in the digital economy 

Deep Tech and the Amplified Organisation reveals how businesses must adapt to survive in the digital economy. Covid-19 has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies and the book explores the profound shift in the relationship between people and tech and how this will revolutionise what a company looks like in the digital economy.

The authors examine the rise of deep tech, its future, how it will drive the world economy, how businesses can design and implement advanced digital platforms and transform the way they operate to amplify their impact on the world, in a way that’s positive for people and the planet. 

Create Deep Tech Based On Universal Human Values

Deep tech has the power to solve society’s most complex issues – from wealth inequality to workplace diversity. But it also brings the potential for abuses of power. 

The book explains how, for Deep Tech to achieve its full potential, it must be created based on a change of leadership mindset, a systemic understanding of technology, and relationships based on universal human values. It sets out a blueprint for how leaders can embed these critical values at the heart of their organisations and everything they do.

Embrace the New 4Ps: Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet

Covid-19 showed us that business as usual is not an option. The traditional 4Ps of Product, Price, Promotion and Place are no longer enough. To thrive in the digital economy, organisations need to embrace the new 4Ps – Platforms, Purpose, People and Planet. 

A digital and cultural transformation framework developed by the authors, the New 4Ps, enables leaders to build more agile organisations, improve customer and employee experience and enhance value propositions. The book reveals how to integrate digital transformation into every part of the business – from HR to marketing, strategy to digital operations.

Hyperconnected, Regenerative, Agile: Meet the Organisation of the Future

What will companies look like in the digital economy? Based on their globally recognised work implementing deep tech solutions with some of the world’s largest businesses across the world, the authors set out a vision for the future. 

The book reveals a pioneering blueprint of how to transform into a hyperconnected, regenerative, agile, future-fit organisation to lead in the digital economy. Shifting away from a mechanistic way of seeing organisations, it explores how we must understand them as living systems, powered by relationships and continually evolving – empowering them to reach their full potential. 

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