Customer Experience Design

The last three decades have seen a steady evolution in customer experience design methods and practices. However, despite a growing awareness of the impact on profitability of being a customer-focused organisation, and despite the wealth of new approaches to innovation, the majority of new products and services are still failing to meet customer expectations.

Really great companies and really great brands consciously and continuously nurture their cultures, and this is ultimately what helps them to achieve great results, year after year. Holonomics takes a unique approach to customer experience design, helping business leaders to thorough reappraise what they are doing, how they are doing it, who they are doing it with, and most importantly, why.

We have brought together our knowledge of strategy, change management, user experience design, product marketing, business development, cultural transformation, employee experience and deep tech in order to help you build and grow authentic businesses and organisations.

Through our design approach we can help senior business teams to:

• develop authentically customer-centric businesses;

• fully integrate your purpose, goals and strategy with your customer experience;

• integrate customer experience into the central strategic mission and vision and;

• develop long-term and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

We can provide consultancy, workshops and courses in the following areas:

  • Mission, vision, purpose and values definition
  • Employee experience
  • Human values, empathy and customer needs
  • Transformational Design thinking
  • Service design
  • Design sprints
  • Integrating customer experience design into sales, marketing, commercial and business development teams
  • Digital transformation
  • Customer centricity and cultural transformation

And through our Deep Tech network, we are able to offer complete end-to-end technology, digital and cultural programmes enabling organisations to completely transform their entire strategic, operational and marketing systems, becoming ready to face future challenges and capable of continuous innovation. 

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