Courses and Educational Programmes

With technological and business change happening at a rate never seen before, your team must be able to efficiently and effectively upskill and reskill to stay ahead.

Our programmes have been created to to help leader to not only provide the tools their teams need to keep their skills up to date, but to create an environments that encourage rapid, continuous learning.

Our courses and education programs are based on a wide range of concepts and methodologies, promoting learning through experimentation and the interchange of knowledge and experiences. They include topics such as strategy, change management and customer experience, in various formats tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each organisation;

Because our courses are modular, they are flexible and can be taught with differing lengths, depending on the needs and availability of participants. They can be structured into modules of different subjects depending on your requirements, and as individual courses or complete training programs both online and in person.

Courses and programs can be customised by blending the content and knowledge of individual courses, depending on the context and needs of participants and the organisation.

  • Customer Experience Design
  • Business Strategy and Managing the Customer Lifecycle
  • Customer Experiences with Soul
  • Employee Experience
  • Agile Organisations
  • Agile Strategy
  • Holonomics Deep Dive: Designing Flourishing Businesses with Soul
  • New Business Models and the Flourishing Business Canvas
  • Upgrading Leadership Skills and Systems Thinking for the New Economy
  • Implementing Balanced Scorecard with the Holonomics Approach
  • Conscious Leadership
  • Change Management and Organisational Transformation
  • The Strategic Role of Human Resources: A Systemic Vision
  • Systemic Project Management
  • Happiness in Organisations

Our courses are also designed to dovetail into your business change projects. Please contact us to find out how we can help you and your team develop clearer business strategies, develop new business opportunities, improve your customer experience and develop sustainable, resilient and authentic organisations for effective results.

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